Past Life Regression Workshop

Have you lived before? Who were you? What have you brought into this lifetime from your past? Are you ready to explore the possibilities?

This five (5) hour workshop is really an exploration into you. What you believe, and what you may learn.

We begin with a discussion about whether or not we incarnate more than once and the views of many scientists as well as theologians.
A guided meditation prepares you for your own personal journey.
Time for reflection, journaling and sharing.
Guided journey of exploration into your own past.
Time for reflection, journaling and sharing.
One more journey, to experience regression or progression and finally to visit the spirit realm.
Time for reflection, journaling and sharing.
Sharing with the group - if you choose
Close with a meditation and a prayer of gratitude

Be assured;, we take plenty of breaks for stretching, visiting the restroom and refilling our water bottles. Your comfort is always a top priority.

Fee - $95. per person for workshop

When you host this gathering of six (6) or more, your participation is free as an expression of my thanks to you.

This workshop may be followed up on day 2 with private sessions for participants. These sessions will be recorded and the recording provided to participant. Again, if you host these sessions, your own is free as my thanks.

Fee - $75. per person for second day private guided session

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