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Sandy WaldenIn 2009 I formed two MasterMind groups. Participants of these groups are experiencing real and profound changes in their lives. I'm really excited to see all of this progress, so I am opening up this opportunity to more people.

The idea behind the MasterMind is really very simple. I believe very strongly in the law of attraction. You are undoubtedly aware of this simple, yet profound concept. That's what 'The Secret' was all about, as are many other books, movies, etc. Basically, it is this; what we think about and put our attention on comes to exist in our life. That means that we are co-reating our lives along with the Supreme Being, moment by moment and that we have the ability to change our lives as well. This is the point of the MasterMind group. We gather together to learn about what we would like to change or bring about in our lives. You will learn to re-frame your thoughts and speech in a positive manner so that you are truly asking for positive change. For example, you may come to the gathering concerned about bills and debt. You will of course be encouraged to express yourself, but we will not focus on these bills and debt, l instead I will gently guide you to think about financial freedom. Subtle but very different. As a group we will hold intentions for these changes to take place in one another's lives.

Each of us is very powerful and has the ability to bring about tremendous change in our lives. When we gather to co-create together along with our Creator, we exponentially increase the power of our minds; we are forming the MasterMind which is much more powerful and effective than any one of us alone.

I refer to Creator, Supreme Being, God, Universe, Spirit, etc. often during these gatherings. While no religion is suggested or required for these gatherings, I want to be clear that this is a very spiritual endeavor. You may of course be any religion or none at all to participate, all are welcome. But it is important to know and understand that these groups are intended to work hand in hand with our Maker.

These MasterMind groups are kept small, so that there is plenty of opportunity for each person to speak and be heard during each weekly two (2) hour gathering. I will be there as coach and facilitator during each gathering. After each meeting you will receive an email detailing the intentions which we will hold for one another during the upcoming week.

The requirements are very easy.

The monthly fee for participation is $95. Rest assured that during this 12 week process you will receive unlimited coaching support via email.

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I've known Sandy since we were both swinging a paint brush, so when I found out she was a practicing Reiki teacher and Mastermind Coach I knew it would be a perfect fit. I participated in the Mastermind Group with no expectations and was blown away by how much it helped me. I was experiencing a very challenging time in my life and just didn't know what direction to move in, basically I was paralyzed by stress and fear. The group sessions were safe and without judgement, but mostly the other participants genuinely listened to my story and were able to give me great incite into what I knew I needed to do but was unable to see. It allowed me to hold a vision for myself that had me moving in a much more positive direction. Not only was I holding this vision but each of my "partners" in the group were holding it too. I appreciated the opportunity to be there for the other members as well. There is definitely strength in numbers!
Nancy Rappaport
I have boundless respect for Sandy. Her relaxed and perceptive demeanor creates a comfortable atmosphere for digging deep and figuring out what is holding you back from achieving what you really want out of life. She has the keen ability to facilitate discussions that lead to inspiring and motivating "aha!" moments. And, drawing on a wide range of healing disciplines, she is a remarkable resource for practical solutions, energy, and inspiration to help you take steps to make powerful, positive life changes.
Sincerely, Anna W.
When I first heard about the possibilities of the MasterMind group it just felt right so I had to check it out for myself. I was very intrigued to explore this concept of sharing a combined energy among all the participants with Spirit as a main component working on our behalf. After only 2 weeks I started seeing dramatic results. I am certain this is the result of attending the weekly MasterMind group and being able to discuss, set and share our goals and intentions together. I'm so glad that Sandy invited me to participate. So, if Sandy has invited YOU, I highly recommend that you listen up and give it a try!
Laurie Waarvik, Certified Biofeedback Practitioner, 414-402-2000,

My wife is in the first MasterMind group that Sandy Walden started and says it's the best group of gals she's partnered with in a long time - if ever. Pat says it's good for her and praises it highly. And when Sandy said she wanted to start another group I was right there signing up.

At our second meeting the group agreed there might be a better way than chasing after business, and running around to networking groups, etc. We thought it would be desirable to have people come looking for us and our services. Less than 48 hours after we decided that and put that intention out there, I got three calls with new business; a call out of the blue, an opportunity to team up with someone that had been meaning to call me and an offer to do a second project with a fairly new client.


David L. White,, http;/
I have used Sandy Walden's services for business coaching and mastermind group activity. Sandy has helped me to think bigger while making small changes each day. Taking these steps has dramatically changed my life in both work and home. I now understand how to allow positive things to come in to my life each day and sustain that momentum. Sandy will lead you down the path but, you have to do the work if you truly want to change and grow.

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