Healing Fire Workshop

Pain, anger, resentment. All natural, normal, human responses to events that we experience which leave us wounded. During this workshop we will explore the possible gifts that we have received as a result of these experiences. We will consider forgiveness as a powerful step in our own healing.

This five (5) hour workshop is emotional and likely to be life changing.

We begin by considering what causes pain and what it means to forgive; to heal. Is one necessary for the other?
A guided meditation brings relaxation and calm.
Time for reflection, journaling and sharing.
Together, we explore the benefits of anger as well as what has been gained, what has been learned as a result of this pain.
Guided meditation brings us to the healing fire. Where we have the opportunity to explore our hurt. To share our thoughts and feelings with the one who has hurt us; even if it is ourselves.
Time for reflection, journaling and sharing.
Gathering in small groups, you will share healing session
Time for reflection, journaling and sharing.
Sharing with the group - if you choose
Close with a meditation and prayer of gratitude

Be assured;, we take plenty of breaks for stretching, visiting the restroom and refilling our water bottles. Your comfort is always a top priority.

Fee - $95. per person for workshop

When you host this gathering of six (6) or more, your participation is free as an expression of my thanks to you.

This workshop may be followed up on day 2 with private sessions for participants. These sessions will be recorded and the recording provided to participant. Again, if you host these sessions, your own is free as my thanks.

Fee - $75. per person for second day private guided session

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