Reiki for Animals - Indy's Story

In the spring of 2009 Indy was a friendly, boisterous and very healthy boxer. At four and a half years old he was truly in the prime of a boxer's life. Strong and athletic, he liked nothing more than to walk for miles or wrestle with one of his doggy buddies in the backyard.

I had become attuned to Reiki in 2008 and had quickly learned that Indy loved to receive Reiki. Often he would lie down on the floor next to me and put his head in my lap, getting up and moving away when he had received enough. Other times I would have the feeling that he wanted to receive the healing energy of Reiki; I can't precisely explain how, but I knew. So, I would offer Reiki to Indy, feeling a very strong pull in my hands. When the pull dissipated I knew he had enough; usually he would also get up and move a short distance away.

One evening while relaxing I had the impression that Indiana wanted Reiki. I started sending it to him but noticed almost immediately that the feeling was unusually strong; the session lasted much longer than was typical for Indy. Animals can be very sensitive to energy, so I am always very careful to respect the signals given by animals when I am sending Reiki to them. The rest of the evening passed uneventfully.

The next day I noticed that Indy stumbled down the stairs. This is not entirely unusual for an active dog, so I didn't make much of it. Soon after I saw him fall against a wall as he was walking. This unusual stumbling progressed slowly but steadily throughout the day. Time to go to the vet.

We visited our regular veterinarian as soon as we could get an appointment. She took many tests and followed up with the very concerned advice that we should visit a specialist. Off we went. After more visits and many tests, the kind veterinarian told me that he thought my buddy had suffered a stroke. He had no advice to offer other than keeping Indy comfortable and being guided by his needs. Over the next few days Indy went progressively downhill. In less than a week, it became clear to all of us that our sweet companion would likely be gone within a few days.

My sons took time to simply hang out with Indiana as we discussed all talked about how surprised we were that he was getting weaker by the day. At this point he was barely eating, we held his collar to help him up or down the stairs or to go outside. We knew we were saying good-bye to our good friend.

During all of this I had continued to offer Reiki to Indy, it was simply part of spending time with him. One day we decided to take him off of the medications the veterinarian had prescribed for Indy as he really hated taking them. Feeling that it was cruel to force him to do something he didn't like if he only had days left, it seemed to make sense. Soon after things began to turn around.

Indy began to slowly regain his appetite and a little bit of energy. We were very hopeful that he was going to regain at least some of his health. To tell the truth we didn't believe we would ever again see the strong athlete as he continually stumbled and it seemed that his head was permanently tilted to the right. Oh well, we would be happy just to keep him with us, as long as he was enjoying himself and not suffering any discomfort.

The rehab began. Now this was nothing formal. I chatted with our wonderful vet as she continued to follow up to hear about Indy's progress. She could offer no suggestions other than to let him do what he could. We continued to help him up and downstairs until one day we realized that he wasn't stumbling anymore. It seemed that his energy was slow to return, though now I realize that it was only a few short months.

If you could see my boy now, in the autumn of 2009, you would once again see a powerful, strong boxer. Eager to wrestle, run or take a long walk. The only sign that remains of Indy's ordeal is a bit of a relaxed ear. The tilt is long gone as is the clumsiness and stumbling.

Through all of this Indy has continued to receive Reiki. I've often marveled at the change that comes over him. He can be running and acting like a child on a sugar high, but as soon as I offer him Reiki he lays down next to me and immediately goes into the zone. Can I prove that Reiki had anything to do with Indy's recovery? Nope. However, I strongly believe that it did. Through all of this I talked to him, asking him what I could do to help him. Prayed for him and simply offered Reiki. In the end, I can't say just what made the difference; I believe it was all of the above.

Indy is once again a happy and very healthy boxer. We go for lots of long walks and I am pleased to offer Reiki to him often. I know that the healing energy of Reiki can only help him and I'm very grateful to be able to offer it to my good friend.

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