Reiki, pronounced ray-kee, is a Japanese word which means Universal Life Energy. Coming from two words, Rei and ki. Rei can be interpreted to mean universal while ki is life energy.

Reiki + Holistic Life Coaching

My Reiki Philosophy

Reiki is defined as Universal Life Energy. I believe that the source of that energy is God. As such it is my belief that Reiki can do absolutely no harm, but can only be beneficial.

It is my belief that Reiki is sent and received by intention. Because of that, there can be no errors or mistakes when offering or receiving Reiki. I offer Reiki to myself and others with the intention that it serves the highest good as determined by God.

It is my belief that Reiki follows the divine law of free will. Though I may offer Reiki to another being, it will only be received by them if they choose to receive it. If they are in any way unaware on a conscious level of the energy being sent to them, their higher self will make the determination of receiving or refusing the energy of Reiki. Because of this Reiki can never be forced on any being.

I believe that as energetic beings our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves are strongly affected by our energetic state. To be truly productive, healthy and happy all must be in balance.

Of profound and highest importance is complete awareness on my part as a Reiki practitioner that when any healing takes place it is not my doing. That is that the healing is not coming from me, but rather through me. I am not the source of healing but simply the vehicle through which the healing energy flows to the recipient. This must always be kept in mind and held in my heart with complete reverence, love and respect. By acknowledging that I am simply a vehicle for this life energy I can more easily appreciate and generously offer it to others. This detachment also assists me to keep my ego out of the process, for in truth there is no place for ego in Reiki. Results are not to be judged or determined by me, but by God alone.

I receive Reiki with love, reverence, humility and respect, and I offer it to others as a very profound gift from God.

Reiki Ethics

Respect is paramount; respect for Reiki, for the practitioner and for the receiver.

Privacy will always be respected. Names and personal details will always be held confidential.

I will provide a safe, comfortable environment for all clients.

I will never promise or guarantee results of any type. It is neither my decision nor my responsibility to determine in what manner Reiki will help the recipient.

Always inform clients that Reiki is absolutely not a substitute for medical treatment or therapy.

Always provide information regarding what a client may expect during and following a Reiki session.

I will always respect the choices made by clients; whether or not to accept Reiki, to receive sessions from another practitioner, to ask questions of myself or others, to receive training from myself or other teachers.

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I am so satisfied with my experiences with Serenity. Serenity is what I was able to find after my Reiki sessions. I was a bit cynical, but am a believer now. I highly recommend these services to everyone.
Sandi Wagner
I have been blessed with bringing Reiki into my life this year. I believe that everything happens for a reason and people come into your life for a reason. I have now completed Reiki 2 with serenity. This has brought peace and clarity to my life as never before. My intention is to continue to embrace this gift to better my life and also to share this awesome gift with others. I receive such joy by paying forward positive energy.
Namaste, Jodi

The Acorn Journal: Messages of Connection from The Other Side

When someone we love has died, we miss them. We wonder where they are now. Are they alright? Can they see and hear us or are we disconnected forever? We long for a sign that death is not the end; that someday we will meet again.

After the devastating loss of their youngest son to suicide, the Walden's had these same thoughts and questions. This book is about the confirmation they received in a most joyful way. It is full of love and hope and needs to be read by everybody who has lost a loved one.

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