Let's begin by clearing up a few things about hypnosis. Hypnosis is a state you go into all the time, easily and naturally.

Have you ever been so deep into a book that you were startled when someone spoke to you? That's because you were in a light trance. Did you ever have the experience of driving but not remembering the route? You were probably in a light trance then too.

Q. What is Hypnosis?
A. Hypnosis is a heightened state of relaxation and concentration which allows the subject to focus and accept suggestions which are agreeable to the subject.

Q. Can I be hypnotized against my will?
A. NO! You cannot be hypnotized against your will. In fact, all hypnotism is actually self-hypnosis. The hypnotist is merely a guide, leading the subject into the relaxed state which allows the subject to accept the suggestions they prefer.

Q. How will I feel if I'm hypnotized?
A. You will feel relaxed. You will be able to hear everything the hypnotist is saying to you.

Q. What power does a hypnotist have over me when I'm hypnotized? Will they be able to make me quack like a duck or rob a grocery store?
A. Rest assured, as the hypnotic subject you will only accept the suggestions you choose to accept. If your hypnotist asks you to do something that you do not agree with for any reason at all, you will simply disregard the suggestion.

Q. What if my hypnotist leaves the room and doesn't return while I am under hypnosis, will I be stuck in a hypnotic state forever?
A. Here's a bit of good news; If for any reason whatsoever, your hypnotist leaves the room while you are in a state of hypnosis and does not return you will either slip into a short restful nap, or wake gently. The state of hypnosis cannot be maintained unless the hypnotist keeps speaking to maintain that condition.

Hypnosis is excellent for the following issues, and much, much more.

  • Weight Loss
  • Stop-Smoking
  • Past Life Regression
  • Stress relief
  • Self-Esteem Issues

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Dr. Oz on Hypnosis

Can hypnosis help you unlock the demons that cause you to overeat?
Recently Dr. Oz talked about hypnosis for weight loss. Click here to view the show - 4 videos in total - to see for yourself what he had to say.

For over 15 years I have struggled to lose weight. I finally decided I'd had enough. After two hypnosis sessions with Sandy, I was able to lose 23 in 8 weeks. I have been able to maintain that current weight for 6 weeks and still going strong. Her processes is amazing and IT WORKS.
Lyn Weis
I went to Sandy for help with my self hypnosis for pain. Not only did she help me achieve self hypnosis easier and deeper but after our visit I had no pain for the first time since 10/13/1988 for the rest of the day. Sandy was very careful before we started to learn what I was trying to accomplish and be culturally appropriate.
Sandy is great! Use her services! NOW!
William Langford
Have you ever thought about being hypnotized? I've had the opportunity to be hypnotized because I want to lose weight. I have the evening cravings even if I'm not hungry. But what I have come to find after being hypnotized is not the loss of weight but the loss of inch. I feel more relaxed at night and don't find myself out looking for things to munch on. With my clothes fitting better I seem to be more satisfied with how things are working with my body. So I personal would say take a chance you never will if you don't give it a try.
Kelli Zembruski

The Acorn Journal: Messages of Connection from The Other Side

When someone we love has died, we miss them. We wonder where they are now. Are they alright? Can they see and hear us or are we disconnected forever? We long for a sign that death is not the end; that someday we will meet again.

After the devastating loss of their youngest son to suicide, the Walden's had these same thoughts and questions. This book is about the confirmation they received in a most joyful way. It is full of love and hope and needs to be read by everybody who has lost a loved one.

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