Testimonials for Sandy Walden

Sandy has introduced the amazing system of Reiki to me over the past few months within the class work of Reiki I, II, and III. She not only teaches, but she listens, and to me this is THE best kind of teacher. Her classes are welcoming and her knowledge of Reiki is excellent. The classes have taught me how to use Reiki within my life practically and with purpose. She is always available by phone or e-mail whenever I have a question. The information within the class manuals provided easy reference of material whenever needed as well. Sandy has a beautiful spirit, and gentle nature which enhances the overall experience of learning Reiki. Sandy is professional, insightful and very gifted. I am truly honored to have gotten to know her as a teacher, and over time as a friend. Reiki taught by Sandy is a wonderful choice for those who are seeking to learn more on their spiritual journey!
Jill Militzer
The best way for me to describe Sandy and her services is 'authentic'. Everything that Sandy says and does comes from a place of love and authenticity. I have worked with Sandy in several different areas including Reiki, hypnosis and Mastermind group. I am in awe and bliss each time I leave her office. I look forward to every interaction with her because I know that when I leave I will be in a much better place mentally and spiritually. I can wholeheartedly say that my life has changed because of knowing Sandy. I consider her not only an extremely gifted holistic coach but also a mentor and friend.
I've known Sandy since we were both swinging a paint brush, so when I found out she was a practicing Reiki teacher and Mastermind Coach I knew it would be a perfect fit. I participated in the Mastermind Group with no expectations and was blown away by how much it helped me. I was experiencing a very challenging time in my life and just didn't know what direction to move in, basically I was paralyzed by stress and fear. The group sessions were safe and without judgement, but mostly the other participants genuinely listened to my story and were able to give me great incite into what I knew I needed to do but was unable to see. It allowed me to hold a vision for myself that had me moving in a much more positive direction. Not only was I holding this vision but each of my "partners" in the group were holding it too. I appreciated the opportunity to be there for the other members as well. There is definitely strength in numbers!
Nancy Rappaport
I have boundless respect for Sandy. Her relaxed and perceptive demeanor creates a comfortable atmosphere for digging deep and figuring out what is holding you back from achieving what you really want out of life. She has the keen ability to facilitate discussions that lead to inspiring and motivating "aha!" moments. And, drawing on a wide range of healing disciplines, she is a remarkable resource for practical solutions, energy, and inspiration to help you take steps to make powerful, positive life changes.
Sincerely, Anna W.
I have been blessed with bringing Reiki into my life this year. I believe that everything happens for a reason and people come into your life for a reason. I have now completed Reiki 2 with serenity. This has brought peace and clarity to my life as never before. My intention is to continue to embrace this gift to better my life and also to share this awesome gift with others. I receive such joy by paying forward positive energy.
Namaste, Jodi
I have used Sandy Walden’s services for business coaching and mastermind group activity. Sandy has helped me to think bigger while making small changes each day. Taking these steps has dramatically changed my life in both work and home. I now understand how to allow positive things to come in to my life each day and sustain that momentum. Sandy will lead you down the path but, you have to do the work if you truly want to change and grow.
For over 15 years I have struggled to lose weight. I finally decided I'd had enough. After two hypnosis sessions with Sandy, I was able to lose 23 in 8 weeks. I have been able to maintain that current weight for 6 weeks and still going strong. Her processes is amazing and IT WORKS.
Lyn Weis
I am so satisfied with my experiences with Serenity. Serenity is what I was able to find after my Reiki sessions. I was a bit cynical, but am a believer now. I highly recommend these services to everyone.
Sandi Wagner
I went to Sandy for help with my self hypnosis for pain. Not only did she help me achieve self hypnosis easier and deeper but after our visit I had no pain for the first time since 10/13/1988 for the rest of the day. Sandy was very careful before we started to learn what I was trying to accomplish and be culturally appropriate.
Sandy is great! Use her services! NOW!
William Langford
Have you ever thought about being hypnotized? I've had the opportunity to be hypnotized because I want to lose weight. I have the evening cravings even if I'm not hungry. But what I have come to find after being hypnotized is not the loss of weight but the loss of inch. I feel more relaxed at night and don't find myself out looking for things to munch on. With my clothes fitting better I seem to be more satisfied with how things are working with my body. So I personal would say take a chance you never will if you don't give it a try.
Kelli Zembruski
Sandy is one of the liveliest and most positive people I've had the pleasure of knowing. We are in the same network groups, and she always has great ideas to share and contributes positive energy and viewpoints. She is easy to work with, and anyone hiring her as a life coach will be uplifted by her energy!
Kathy Miller - Independent Group Leader & Charter Consultant, Taste of Home Entertaining
Sandy has an enthusiasm for life that is contagious! Sandy is a great Reiki Master and Life Coach. Sandy has a generous spirit, which is demonstrated by her commitment to make a difference in the world through her work with Reiki Circles and other volunteer endeavors. I am proud to have certified Sandy as a Reiki Master/Teacher.
Jeff Montoya
When I started working with Sandy my goal was very simple: learn how to be happy again. Somewhere and somehow I had forgotten how to be happy. I did the work but Sandy helped me shape my paths and intentions. The process has been life changing and continues, to my great delight. This has brought me to my next goal: be healthy again. Great progress is being made and I am suitably awed.
Jim Barrett
I've known Sandy for about 4 yrs and she is a very optimistic and cheerful person. She always has a smile on her face and an encouraging word for everyone she meets. I have recommended her to a few of my close friends, as a Holistic Life Coach, without hesitation.
Vicki Zima
When I first met the vibrant and enthusiastic Sandy her main focus was her coaching practice. Since she was also a certified Reiki master, she started moving on a course to blend, or combine, the two practices. We were talking about some of the language needed for her marketing materials and I decided I did not know enough about Reiki. Simple enough to fix - Sandy facilitated my first session of energy work and I felt more alert, balanced and energetic for days after. It was definitely an experience worth having and I can't wait to go again.
David White, YMD
I don't know anyone else who can light up a room like Sandy. Her ability to motivate people, get them talking and feeling better is amazing. Her classes are fantastic and truly make a difference. The people she works with are fortunate to have met her.
Burton Robertson
When I first heard about the possibilities of the MasterMind group it just felt right so I had to check it out for myself. I was very intrigued to explore this concept of sharing a combined energy among all the participants with Spirit as a main component working on our behalf. After only 2 weeks I started seeing dramatic results. I am certain this is the result of attending the weekly MasterMind group and being able to discuss, set and share our goals and intentions together. I'm so glad that Sandy invited me to participate. So, if Sandy has invited YOU, I highly recommend that you listen up and give it a try!
Laurie Waarvik, Certified Biofeedback Practitioner, 414-402-2000, www.ANewNaturalHealth.com
My wife is in the first MasterMind group that Sandy Walden started and says it's the best group of gals she's partnered with in a long time - if ever. Pat says it's good for her and praises it highly. And when Sandy said she wanted to start another group I was right there signing up.

At our second meeting the group agreed there might be a better way than chasing after business, and running around to networking groups, etc. We thought it would be desirable to have people come looking for us and our services. Less than 48 hours after we decided that and put that intention out there, I got three calls with new business; a call out of the blue, an opportunity to team up with someone that had been meaning to call me and an offer to do a second project with a fairly new client.

David L. White, yourmessagedoctor@gmail.com, http;/www.YourMessageDoctor.com
Sandy Walden of Serenity is a wonderful and caring mentor, listener, cheerleader and coach. She listens intently to your professional and personal goals and issues. She then uses her experiences and training to help you own and implement the best solutions for you. I could not recommend her any more than I already do. Thank you so much for caring, Sandy.
Enrique Acevedo, Acevedo PC Services
Sandy is that person every one needs in their career/life. She is always very upbeat and positive. Her Life Coaching exactly fits her and her personality. Her classes are very well structured and beneficial to all. She WILL help you achieve your goals.
After working with Sandy for some time now I have experienced many positive changes in my life.

Before I started working with Sandy as my life coach, I felt stuck, overwhelmed and unsure of how to achieve that which I so desired in my career as well as in my personal life. I am very successful in my career and I desired to take it to the "next level". However, my personal life was in a bit of chaos. I had trouble balancing all that I felt I "should" do and all that I was capable of doing. The end result has been that I am no longer overwhelmed, I have more confidence, I feel my life is balanced, I am moving ahead in my career and I have... SERENITY

Sandy has been my life coach for a few short months and in that time my life has improved exponentially. I have better balance between career, family, social and spiritual aspects of my life. Sandy provided me with the tools that have helped me achieve my personal as well as professional goals. She has helped me remove the fear of failure from my life and to open myself up to a myriad of possibilities. She has a knack for helping me find solutions that I simply couldn’t see before. I believe that everybody has an opportunity to grow. And that it is those that are committed to personal growth that get what they have always wanted out of life. If you choose Sandy as your life coach you will grow in ways that you never expected and you will find your own... Serenity.
Kathy Engel, Independent Consultant Mary Kay Cosmetics - www.marykay.com/kengel2
I have known Sandy for close to 10 years. She always did her very best, giving 110% to every job she did, and she treated each of her clients as if they were family. Through our business relationship we developed a friendship, which I value, as she is always upbeat, a great listener, great sense of humor, and is encouraging, and never judgmental. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone, and I have other family members, who have had work done in the past, and feel the same way I do. I am a RN, and have also worked in marketing and customer service.
Ginny Sorenson
Sandy always operates from integrity and respect, and if you need a "poke in the eye" to get you on path, she is perfect.
Jim P.
Sandy Walden is one of the most caring, helpful and happy people I have ever met. She truly exemplifies "go give" which means to go the extra mile for you. She is a true, blue friend and stands ready to help as a good friend always does. She is hardworking, dedicated and a very positive person and a delight to know. I truly value Sandy as a wonderful, caring and good Christian woman.
Marion Wanta - Preferred Communique - Greenfield, WI 53221
I met Sandy when I joined a marketing group and she made me feel immediately comfortable and welcome in a group of strangers. Sandy is open, honest, and a great listener. She doesn't shrink from a challenge and approaches lifes ups and downs with a wonderful "one size doesn't fit all" approach. Hearing her business practice thoughts and procedures has helped me define some areas to improve in my own business and she has become a wonderful friend.
Nancy Lusz - Njoyable Homescapes - Landscape and Outdoor Living Consultant
(414) 559-8030 - nlusz@wi.rr.com
I would highly recommend Sandy to anyone who is looking for direction or needs guidance with coaching. She is has a very uplifting personality which helps you reach goals and makes it seem so easy. She is there to cheer you on and give you a positive look to reach your goal. All in all she is great positive re-inforcement you need to help reach your goals.

The Acorn Journal: Messages of Connection from The Other Side

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After the devastating loss of their youngest son to suicide, the Walden's had these same thoughts and questions. This book is about the confirmation they received in a most joyful way. It is full of love and hope and needs to be read by everybody who has lost a loved one.

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